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News @ Ludwig Kameraverleih

Am 12.12.19 findet in in unserer Filiale in München zusammen mit der Firma BandPro eine Sony Masterclass zum Thema Sony PXW-FX9 versus Sony VENICE statt. Referent wird der DOP Alister Chapman sein, der sich mit dem Thema Sony seit langen befasst.

Beginn: 10:00 Uhr. 

The Masterclass will be in english!

During the workshop the following will be covered:

  • Introduction to the PXW-FX9 the VENICE and its key features.
  • What is E-mount and what are its benefits.
  •  Lenses and lens options for both Venice and the FX9.
  • Autofocus - an in depth look at how the FX9’s Autofocus works
  • Understanding the versatile sensor scan modes.
  • How to take advantage of the FX9 and Venice cameras new color science,.
  • Skin tone shooting tests with both Venice and the FX9.
  • How does the dual ISO mode work and how to get the best from it.
  • Low light shooting tests with both Venice and the FX9.
  • Using CineEI and S-Log3 and how to get the best images from both
  • Post production workflow guide with suggestions for S-Log3 and X-OCN.
  • Hands on